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"Sheri is by far one of the most down to earth, hard-working, and honest business partners that I am lucky to work with. As a realtor helping families thru the transition of selling homes can be challenging especially when a loved one has passed on. Sheri comes in to meet with each family, shows them all the care she puts into her Estate Sales. She builds confidence and trust right away. During the sale, she communicates with me and the clients. The bonus, in the end, is the home is all cleared out after she’s done! I highly recommend Sheri!"

 - Joanne F.

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Clients are Saying...

"Choosing the right person to manage an estate sale is risky, but fortunately, our selection of Sheri Tidwell was a home run.  Sheri’s level of professionalism was clearly evident in her ability to bring order and organization out of our chaos and to utilize sales methods that were to our benefit.  Estate sales can be such an emotional time because each and every item you’re selling has a memory attached to it, and Sheri’s sensitivity to this while still managing to get the job done was truly a blessing."

- Barbara L.

"I’d give SOS Estate Sales TEN stars if I could! I’m an Estate Sale junkie and SOS Estate Sales are the “Diamond Level” of service! I’ve been shopping them for years! I look forward to each new sale and the “treasures” I’ll find.  Strategize: Sheri does more than just manage “stuff.” She handles pre-sales in person and online, advertising, professional signage during the event as well as space clean out depending on individual client needs. I have worked alongside Sheri many times. It’s incredible to witness how she can “see” how to progress from one stage of the project to the next.  Organize: Sheri is the QUEEN of organization! She doesn’t do “junk” piles. She works as long as it takes for every room to be “done” and looking beautiful. Since SOS’s sales are more like shopping in a store, new customers repeatedly exclaim: “It’s SO organized!” Returning customers have come to expect Sheri’s incredible attention to detail.  Sell: Many Estate Sale companies inflate their prices. Sheri never does this. Her prices are always fair and affordable. I am NOT a fan of sales where the organizers say: “Nothing is priced. Just make an offer.” Sheri keeps on going (just like the Energizer Bunny) until all the pricing is done. Beyond that, she remembers the price! She researches new or unfamiliar items to ensure fair pricing.  I recommend SOS 100% to anyone considering an Estate Sale. Leave the work to the expert! You’ll be glad you did!"


- Laura B.

"Sheri did a more than a fabulous job for me. Sheri is very hard working, incredibly honest, comes early, stays late, and his so very nice and fun to have a good laugh with. She priced items to sell which we were grateful for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheri to someone else for their estate sale. I give Sheri a 5 star rating!!!!!!"   


- Kathy Y.

"I am very pleased to have met Sheri.  She was a real Godsend in helping me to downsize my things.  She kept me on track to get me to sort through my things and decide what I needed from what I had nostalgic feelings for.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  I would definitely recommend Sheri to anyone who is planning to have an estate sale."   


- Karen H.

"I have used Sheri multiple times to help me organize closets, my garage, and other rooms in my home. I have frequented many of her Estate sales and her attention to detail is so awesome. I recommend her to my clients often (I’m a Realtor)."

- Donna C.

"Every time I refer Sheri, I know she will do a great job for my clients. Her sales are so organized and beautiful (yes, beautiful!)! Everything is easy to see and shop through. She is a kind person with a huge heart for people but works SO hard, exactly what you need in that industry! Highly recommend!"

- Jennifer S.

"Sheri is super organized and works very hard to make sure her clients are able to make a sizable dent in their possessions. Everything is organized by room and it’s easy to buy things if you are looking for something particular."

- Penny L.

"When we decided to sell off everything we own and move abroad, Sheri sold so much of our “stuff” on the first day of our estate sale, that we ended up sleeping on the floor for the next few nights before hitting the road! By the end of the sale there was nothing left.  no way we could’ve done it without her! Highly recommend!"

- Alissa S.

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